Enjoy Your Music In A Unique Way

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Enjoy Your Music In A Unique WayStereo systems have taken the world of entertainment over with most teenagers today not knowing anything about the existence of boom boxes. They are however still very valuable today considering that they have evolved over the years. Gone are the days when you could only enjoy radio stations and cassettes on the boxes. When the CD generation evolved, the boxes also improved to accommodate the needs making it possible for you to enjoy CD albums from your favorite musicians.

You can find the boom boxes online to enjoy your music in a stylish way. You can have your favorite tracks blaring in the background as you engage in intense workouts. The music can act as the motivation you need to get the most from your exercise regime. You will just need to make sure you choose a box that has all the features you consider important for your entertainment needs at any given time, whether you are listening to the radio, playing your old cassettes, hooking your smart phone or laptop or enjoying a favorite


The Secrets To Making A Great Guitar Practice Routine

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playing guitarHow do you feel when practicing guitar for extended practice sessions and making few or no progress at all? Do you know why you are not making any progress despite the amount of hours you practice?

I know how you feel; I have been in that situation too. However, after several trials and errors I comprehend that for getting more results from a practice routine is required 4 key principles. These are the 4 key principles of a spotless guitar practice routine:

Key #1: Only Practice With High Quality Guitar Practice Materials (Ones That Are PROVEN To Work)

You must have an effective practice schedule if you want to become a great guitarist… However, a schedule alone will do nothing if you are practicing with low quality practice materials (like what you will find in most YouTube videos or lessons from inexperienced guitar teachers).

To identify which practice materials are the best for your particular guitar playing goals, know the following:

1. The best materials are part of an overarching strategy. They must to be arranged


How to Learn an Instrument

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learning pianoLearning an instrument.

Have you ever wanted to just pick up an instrument and play it? Well, in this article you can learn how to go about it. Firstly I would like to point out that learning an instrument will take hours on end of dedication, so choose an instrument you could listen to all day, something you won’t get board of even after hearing the same piece over 100 times. If you believe you are capable of doing so then please feel free to read on.

I myself am a decent pianist. It is my strongest belief that my life would not be the same with out a piano in it. It’s a feeling that I think everyone deserves chance to experience that same feeling.

The first thing you have to do is pick an instrument that you are in love with. Then choose a genre of music you would prefer to play it in (though I strong encourage experimenting into different genres). You can try to teach it to yourself, though, I do however believe that a good teacher would be incredibly beneficial, as


How to Stay Safe Shopping Online

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When lifestyle content writers and entertainment content writers write about fashion tips and shopping tips that can provide for a great shopping experience, it becomes equally important to highlight how to stay wary of scams when shopping online.


Do not ignore security warnings

Most of us have a habit of overriding the pop up warnings that tell us otherwise about a website’s security. When it comes to online shopping, this should be an absolute no. Never ignore any warnings you receive about the fraudulent nature of the website however trustworthy the site may appear.


Ever heard of the term? It is a type of fraud that occurs to you when you type in one address on your address bar but end up on some other, very similar, but fake website. The website change will be almost insignificant if you do not take notice of it carefully, like an additional letter or a missing letter in between. One way to combat this is to keep your browser updated.


Secure connections

Always ensure that the address bar has https://


Can Anybody Learn to Sing

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I don’t know about you but I love to sing. But the question is, “Can anybody sing?” Well the resounding answer to that question is simply, “Yes!”

It might surprise you to hear that only 1% of the general population is tone deaf. That means that most people can tell the difference between different notes. And that means that even if you can sing a song, that as long as you are not tone deaf, then you can improve your singing. This also means that virtually everyone can learn to sing and learn to improve their singing.

You will need time to practice and be patient with your practicing

The important point to remember is that it takes time to learn to sing. But you can learn. You will firstly need to boost your confidence and combat any psychological barriers that you had about singing. Once you are confident with your voice, you will relax more and will be able practice your singing and maybe will be able to sing in front of people.

Remember that it takes time to learn to sing. Your vocal chords are like a muscle. You need to exercise


The Value Of Classical Music

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Every modern piece of music whether it be rhythm and blues to pop, behind the lyrics and melodies can all can be traced back to the Classics. Every piece of music now has been interpreted and integrated with classical overtones. Without the great composers like Bach, Hayden, or Mozart most of today’s music probably wouldn’t exist.

The value of Classical music cannot be stressed enough. From an artist point of view, classical music is the epitome of what musicians strive for in their own form of music interpretation. From an audience point of view classical music stirs the imagination, creativity, emotions, and feelings that otherwise wouldn’t occur at the same intensity while listening to other forms of music.

In education classical music is a most valuable asset. Recent studies have concluded that very young children who are introduced to the classics early in life all attain a higher level of academics than those children who weren’t exposed to classical music while they were young. Studies also have concluded that those children, teenagers, young adults,and adults who experience continued exposure to the classics further increases those individuals success in school and in life. But, sadly though school


Singing 101: Back to Basics

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There is a famous Chinese proverb which says “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song”. Poignant though this may be, the proverbial bird probably never had to worry about sounding flat or not hitting the right note!

Does the song in your heart get garbled on its way through your windpipe and come out as a mere shadow of its former glory? Don’t let your lack of talent leave you feeling off-key! Contrary to popular belief, singing is a craft like any other, and can be practiced, honed, and ultimately, perfected.

Step 1: LISTEN

In order to climb a ladder, place your foot on the lowest rung first. While learning how to sing, the lowest rung and vital first step is to listen! Many people who believe they are tone deaf are simply not listening properly.

Start off small, listen to notes in a scale or even an easy melody like “Happy Birthday”. There are a myriad of apps and web pages you can use if you do not play an instrument. Listen to each distinct note, see how they differ from each other,

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Learn How To Play Guitar Quickly Even If You’re A Total Newbie

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The initial step to learning to play guitar is the initial choice of the type of guitar that fits your musical tastes and preferences. You can find acoustic-blues guitars, heavy metal guitars, and jazz guitars, and others, sufficient to accommodate any individual’s musical palette, no matter how varied it may be. Subsequent to matching the guitar to your musical inclination, the next component is identification of the numerous parts of the guitar.

There are three major areas of the instrument and these are the body, waist and neck or fretboard. The neck contains metal frets that signify the various notes the guitar can play. You will find the guitar strings between the bridge and the headstock, they have attachments to pegs which you can loosen or tighten in order to “tune” the strings so that they sound just right.

The body of acoustic guitars also contains a solid hole that enables the resonation of sound and that of electric guitars contains pickups that amplify the sound produced. Proper posture must be used which is the next crucial technique you must learn. Positioning the acoustic guitar whether sitting or standing along with guitar holding techniques. This encompasses


Knowing All The Notes On A Guitar Is It Really Necessary?

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Learning every note on a 6-string guitar may seem difficult to do, because unlike a piano that has black and white keys placed in certain patterns that help you to recognize every note, a fretboard does not, however there is a recognizable pattern by using the dots or markers on the fretboard to help you know what number fret you are on, but there are 6 strings and five of them have a different note on each fret.

The top and bottom strings are both E strings so the notes are in the same position on those strings all the way up and down the fretboard.

Five strings on 24 frets is a total of 120 different note positions, however, the notes on each string from the nut to the 11th fret is exactly the same as the notes from the 12th fret to the 23rd fret, so in reality there are only 60 different note positions that you need to memorize.

A good way to memorize each note on every fret is to start with one string and work on that one until you have them all memorized, then move on to the next


5 Ways To Make Money In Music And Pay Your Bills

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The music industry is very competitive and very few people are able to make it big in it. If you have always wanted to make good money in music here are some of the ways in which you can do it:

Sell Online

Many people are using programs such as Rhapsody, Mp3, iTunes, eMusic and many others to play music. You should take advantage of this and start selling your music online. All you need to do is to put up your music on the internet selling sites. It’s also wise that you create a website and put a link from where people can buy the music.

If you have been called to a show, you should carry CDs with you. Many people buy CDs during shows; therefore, you stand a chance to make money from the sales.

Be a Producer

If you are good in music production you should consider being a producer. There are many people who are willing to record music, but they encounter many challenges such as high fees charged by well established producers. To make money you should target the local bands. It’s also wise that you target

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Tips On How to Mix Your Songs for Radio and TV

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For you to increase your sales and be popular you need to push until your song is played on radio. For the radio producers to accept to play the song you have to ensure that it’s of the right quality and has the right content. You also need to mix it the right way. To help you out here are tips on how to properly mix your music for radio and TV.

Golden Tips

Only high quality music is played on radio and TV; therefore, you should ensure that yours if of high quality. If you don’t have the production skills you should ensure that a professional handles the production part. In addition to ensuring that the music you produce is of high quality you should also ensure that the sound quality is good.

Remember that many people listen to radio through cheap car speakers, ear buds and boomboxes. This means that if your song won’t come out great on these devices, many listeners won’t be pleased with it.

To ensure that your song sounds great on these devices you should play your music using different devices and listen to how it sounds. For

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How To Develop Guitar Playing Creativity

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Do you think that in order to be a creative musician you must possess some “natural talent” that only a few lucky musician were born with? I know I have… and guess what: this negative belief almost killed my dream of becoming a great guitar player.

After many years of hard work, I started to approach creativity from a whole new perspective and finally understood the reasons why most guitarists struggle with being creative in their music. Truth is, ANYONE can learn to become a highly creative musician once you understand the exact things that hold you back from reaching this goal, as well as follow the proven strategies for maximizing your creativity.

3 Reasons Why You Are Not A Creative Guitar Player (Yet):

1. You keep “waiting” for inspiration instead of building a strong and steady stream of creative ideas.

2. You don’t understand the musical language. Imagine yourself in a foreign country where you don’t know its language. Even though you may have a lot to say, you will not be able to communicate anything unless you can speak the right language. The same applies in music. You may have lots of


Classical Music What Scares Away the Next Generation of Listeners

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Imagine. It’s the evening. Tonight you’re going to a piano recital. You sit down on your allocated seat. The pianist comes on wearing a ridiculous outfit (white tie and tails obviously), as he approaches the piano he glances at the audience as if to ask: ‘why are you lot here?’. The pianist will play the first movement of a Beethoven sonata perhaps. Then you clap… Now the entire sold out audience stares at you as if you had just killed someone. After the concert, you mispronounce the name of a composer… Oh dear!

Firstly who on Earth made these stupid rules about the recital etiquette? Secondly, is there any wander why the classical music industry is one of the smallest? The first, in my opinion, a key factor as to how classical music can be rather off putting.

An excellent example of a somebody that throws away these outdated rules for the better is a guy called James Rhodes, an excellent pianist who also believes that the representation of classical music should be changed or updated to our modern more interactive world. When I think I am good enough to give solo concerts, I will definitely

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Composing In New Rock Environments

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There are many components that come in to play for the solo composer in today’s Music marketplace. Whether one is composing for Classical music or creating an action scenario for film or T.V. there are many factors usually considered for writing music for self or for public broadcasts and performances.

A thing in particular that a composer must have under his belt and to know are the qualities and sounds of as many instruments as possible. One thing some do not know is that the Classical composer for instance must have a familiarity with all of the instruments of the orchestra. Not only should the composer know about the sounds of each instrument but he or she is expected to know how each individual instrument is played. This takes time basically and a strong commitment to familiarize oneself with the instruments of the orchestra.

It is a similar scenario with the electronic composer. He or she as well must get to know all of the sounds of the synthesizer and other instruments used for the recording. To know every sound in a synthesizer could be close to impossible but one must at least know the main

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The Science of Music

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Music is a truly amazing thing. Anyone can enjoy music, no matter who they are, how old they are, or whatever their personality might be. In addition, anyone can listen to any type of music, whether it’s jazz, hip-hop, classical, and more. But what goes on in the brain when people are listening to music, or even practicing an instrument? What makes people so excited when they listen to music? Music is an important part of our lives and it can helps everyone in more ways than people usually believe.

There is not just one part of the brain that is designated for music. Music puts several parts of the brain to work. The frontal lobe (the part that processes one’s decision making ability, emotions, problem solving, etc.) and the temporal lobe (the part that processes emotions, hearing, memory) both work together to process a sound, while other parts of the body are processing pitch, rhythm, and melody. If the song has words, the part of the human brain that processes language is also at work. People might even use their occipital lobe(the part that processes vision) because when listening, some people try to put a picture in their head of


Will There Be New Original Music In The Future

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Every age, in the western world brought about a change in music that was hailed as new original music; In the sixteen hundreds, the composer J.S. Bach had a number of sons who also became composers. One of Bach’s composer sons wrote in what was called the ‘new music.’ In our present age, we are informed about new music every other week it seems; jazz was new and then rock, new wave, punk, hip-hop and so on. Still, many people ask the question; ‘when is the next big thing going to come?’ And, curiouser still, we see more and more lawsuits over copyright violations; claims that someone else has stolen another’s musical idea.

Well let’s take a very simplified look at music structure because, no matter what you’ve been told, it is quite simple. Music is written using a scale and, although there are many scales, the most used scale structure is simply seven different notes. Now you can build a chord (three notes stacked on top of each other) on each note of a scale, giving you seven different chords within a scale.

Now in a musical composition such as a song, for example, you

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New Music To Listen To

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Mainstream media is quick to offer up the latest in new music to listen to but, so often, the only thing new about it is the wardrobe that the current artist is wearing. There was a time when record executives and producers were willing to take a chance on something new and different. These people are mostly gone and have been replaced with a new breed of fat cat. These new people will only bet on what they think is a sure thing.

Even towards the end of the ‘Golden Age Of Rock N’ Roll,’ record companies started to want to only work with their ‘pool’ of successful artists. Hence we saw such unlikely combinations as John Lennon and Elton John. Record companies moved forward with the conviction that what sold before would sell again and, as Led Zeppelin put it, “The Song Remains The Same.” New fashions in clothes, superficial changes in styles have been applied but songs have basically been done in the same Rhythm and Blues structure since the nineteen fifties to the present day.

More and more emphasis has been put on this outward appearance in the hopes that people will become

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Imagine Pop Classical Music Fusion

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In music fusion is the blending or melding together of diverse musical elements. This has actually been going on for a long time; much longer than people think and so called classical music has always contained elements that are present in the pop music of today, so pop classical music fusion is really no contradiction in terms.

When many people think of fusion music in general, they think of a music genre that has two very obvious elements of other genres blended together, for example ‘Funk Metal,’ which would blend together a ‘Funk’ style with a louder, more aggressive ‘Heavy Metal’ style. There have been many attempts at mixing ‘classical’ with ‘pop,’ some more successful than others. Recent examples that come to mind are the disco version of “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, which many people know as the opening to 2001 A Space Odyssey. Another example from further back is the Motown version of Minuet in G by J.S.Bach.

People have gotten too overly significant in their thinking about these two genres they have made-up; ‘pop’ and ‘classical.’ There are far more arguments in favor of their similarity than their differences. One need only point out that

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What Is Fusion Music?

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What is fusion music? Well, you don’t have to be an atomic scientist to understand fusion music. Let’s look at a basic definition of fusion; ‘the union of different things by or as if by melting; blending; coalition.’ This definition is from the New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition. So, in music, different musical elements, often from different musical genres are put together. Here are some examples of fusion music;

  • Reggae Rock
  • Rap Rock
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Gypsy Punk
  • Gypsie Jazz
  • Folktronica
  • Folk Metal
  • Folk Punk
  • Celtic Punk
  • Country Rap

From most of these titles, you can see what genre has been mixed with what other genre; ‘Country Rap’ is obviously Country Music mixed with Rap Music and ‘Folk Punk’ is Folk Music mixed with Punk Music. This is only a partial list, of course, since the combinations are pretty much unlimited. Being of Germanic heritage, I have attended a number of Oktoberfests and heard ‘Umpah Bands’ playing rock songs. One of the more successful types of fusion music is Country Rock.

Another term applied to fusion music is ‘cross-over.’ You have probably heard the term ‘Cross-Over Hit,’ referring to a song that captured the attention of listeners in different genres

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The Most Popular Music Genres in the World

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It is incredibly hard to trace the origin of music. In fact, music as we know it today went through several transformations, both great and small, over the years. However, at every point, there have always been some genres of music that were incredibly popular, and took most of the world by storm. Listed below are some of the most popular music styles the world has seen, heard, and loved so far.

Five of the most popular genres of music in the world are –

• Rock music – Perhaps the most influencing genre of music, rock, also known as rock and roll, has left a mark in almost every artist’s record. Rock music was an offshoot of the original classical melody. However, it is centered on the electric guitar. Rock itself has several sub-variations, such as classical rock, hard rock, indie rock and many more.

• Pop music – Pop music is an abbreviated version of the term ‘popular music.’ Pop music was born in the 1950s, and was more like a modified extension of rock and roll. Live performances became popular, and with time, pop music has also begun to encourage rhythm, beats,

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